Electric Utility
The City of Paullina has its own municipally-owned electric system. The City buys electricity from Western Area Power Administration and from Missouri River Energy Services which is sold to our customers at very competitive rates. The city’s linemen are in charge of maintenance of the system and are on call 24 hours a day. The City has two diesel generators that can be used to provide electricity in an emergency situation. Electric rates

Water Utility
Paullina’s water supply comes from two wells located about three miles from town. The city has 210,000 gallons of ground storage in two concrete reservoirs and a 250,000 gallon elevated water tower that was built in 1985. Since 1980 the city has installed approximately 20,000 feet of new water main in an effort to loop dead-end water mains and increase water flow for fire protection. The water is low in nitrates and requires very little treatment. The City owns and maintains the distribution system including the pipe and curb stop that is located on the property line.


Sewer Utility
Paullina’s sewer system consists of a collection system, two sewer lift stations and a five-cell lagoon system consisting of two large holding cells and three smaller aerated cells. It is the responsibility of the property owner for the service line from their building to the main sewer line in the middle of the street. The City of Paullina has replaced over 20 blocks of sewer main since 1985.

Garbage Collection
Solid waste is collected every Monday for residential customers. Standard collection fee is for one thirty-two gallon garbage bin and one 95 gallon recycle bin. The hauler assesses an additional fee for any additional containers. The residential customer is provided with curbside collection of recyclable materials on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Recyclable material consists of tin cans, steel, plastics, cardboard, paper products and aluminum. Commercial solid waste collection is on Monday and Thursday of each week. Collection of commercial recycle materials is on the first and third Wednesday of each month with collection being every Wednesday for customers who generate large volumes of recycled material.

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Residential Rates
     • June-August: $0.1020/kwh
• Sept. – May: $0.0850/kwh

Customer Charge/month $13.00

Commercial/Municipal/ Non-residential Rate
June – August:
• 0-5,000 KWH/month $0.1060/kwh
• Over 5,000 KWH/month $0.0920/kwh

Sept. – May:
• 0-5,000 KWH/month $0.0900/kwh
• Over 5,000 KWH/month $0.0750/kwh

Customer charge/month    $24.00


• Monthly Service Charge – $16.50
• First 10,000 gals: $3.60/1000 gallons
• Next 50,000 gals: $2.92/1000 gallons
• Next 100,000 gals: $2.44/1000 gallons
• Balance: $2.32/1000 gallons

Rural water customers are charged 120% of inside city users.

• Monthly Service Charge – $6.00
• First 10,000 gals: $3.60/1000 gallons
• Next 50,000 gals: $2.92/1000 gallons
• Next 100,000 gals: $2.44/1000 gallons
• Balance $2.32/1000 gallons

• First 1,000 gals or lesser amount:  $12/month (minimum)
2,000-15, 000 gals: $6 per 1,000 gals/month
=>16,000 gals: $3 per 1,000 gals/month


• Residential Rate: $13.50/month
• Commercial Rate: $30.00/month (6-yard min.) • $5/yard over 6 yards